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Treeshape - professional tree surgeons


Treeshape - professional tree surgeons

premier chipper 1Environmentally Friendly


Treeshape uses the most up-to-date chippers which provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective way of disposal.

Wood chips from the chipper can be left on site as mulch that can be put around your garden or commercial site, or they can be taken away by Treeshape.

The mulch suppresses weeds, retains moisture and conditions the soil as it breaks down.

truck and chipper Heizohack hm 500/10

Recently purchased by Treeshape is the Farmi ch380 chipper and the Heizohack hm 500/10 that are both powered by our Valtra T190 tractor.

This gives us the option for the fast production of woodchip which could be used on site or as biomass fuel.

big chipper farmi 1

Unimog at Holyrood Palace

Reliable Contractors

A contractor has to be reliable when land has to be cleared of trees.

Unwanted vegetation can be chipped to mulch, thus eliminating expensive tipping fees and overcoming the problems of fire bans and the disposal of tree waste.


Any valuable timber can be extracted.

Treeshape maintains a comprehensive health and safety policy as part of its company profile.






Site Clearance

We use the latest stump-cutting equipment to remove tree stumps, leaving the site completely clear.

With our ASV Positrack RC-100 with stump grinder attachment it is more than just a tracked loader.

The stump grinder provides quick removal of large stumps or a large number of stumps.

Being rubber tracked it allows access to most sites on virtually all ground conditions, compact in size with great manoeuvrability.


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Treeshape - professional tree surgeons