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Treeshape - professional tree surgeons


Treeshape - professional tree surgeons


Treeshape now has a range of options for mulching in addition to our tractor mounted AHWI mulcher which is capable of high speed removal of groups of trees and large areas of shrubs using a high- powered tractor/mulcher unit.

mulcher 1a

Valtra T190 reverse steer tractor 200 HP (horse power) fitted with a Botex roof crane. The versatile tractor powers the mulcher but can also run as a separate unit to move larger timber for the other tractor and chipper unit.

Trees of all sizes can be handled.

The mulcher will also grind up to 4” in depth into the soil removing stumps and roots. This leaves the ground easy to work with and ready for further work.

Mulcher at Dalmeny Estate

The mulcher shreds any woody material to a very fine particle size, by going over the material until the desired texture is achieved.

Large areas of woodland, scrub, heather and gorse can be cleared at a low cost.

We also have an ASV positrack with mulcher attachment. The smaller mulcher is highly productive for the thinning of woodland, making of pathways in parkland and wooded areas, roadside work and site clearance.

ASV 2a


Applications: Slash reduction, recreating trails, land clearing, performing soil preparation for new growth, grinding stumps, eradicating undesirable vegetation, reducing timber stands, mulching wood waste.

Technical Description: The forestry mulcher FM600-Profi is a three-point-linkage, PTO driven attachment. The main gearbox divides power to both sides of the power belt driven rotor. The rotor is tipped with fixed carbide hammers, which are individually replaceable. A hydraulically operated follow-up and protecting flap provides efficient after-mulching. The FM600 standard model is equipped with a synchronization control for the gearbox.


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Treeshape - professional tree surgeons