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Treeshape - professional tree surgeons


Treeshape - professional tree surgeons

Professional Services

Treeshape arborists are trained to prune trees to modern arboricultural standards using the latest equipment.

They are able to access trees using rope climbing techniques that allow them to reach trouble spots easily and ensure that only the parts of the tree that need to be pruned are cut with correct collar cutting precision.


Any Size of Contract

Many trees are in confined spaces where potential hazards such as buildings, utility services and important vegetation are directly underneath. In these situations the tree has to be removed in sections using specialised roping techniques or cranes.

Treeshape has vast experience in this field, having removed large dangerous trees in difficult sites throughout Scotland and other parts of the world.


Sometimes it’s not just buildings or vegetation that are underneath the tree to be pruned.

At work in New Zealand
Edinburgh Zoo, tiger

This tree at Edinburgh Zoo was in the tiger compound!

Tree surgery in tiger compound

Safety First

Whether it is a service to a house, a 400Kv power line feeding a whole district - or a tiger compound - Treeshape has the procedures, plant, staff and expertise to carry out tree maintenance safely around such hazardous areas.

Planning Permission

With the introduction of tree protection legislation and the need for planning consent from local authorities for any tree work, tree consultancy and surveying are now more important than ever.

Knowing what your asset is and how best to maintain it saves time and money.

Treeshape has the expertise and qualified staff to make detailed reports on trees and to obtain necessary planning permissions on your behalf.


Treeshape’s clients are its business and we strive to provide a responsive, reliable and efficient 24-hour service of high quality at a competitive rate.

Treeshape at work at Crathes Castle

Treeshape prides itself on:

  • Giving its clients sound advice based on modern arboricultural practice.
  • Delivering its service within a stated timeframe.
  • Keeping its clients informed of progress.
  • Providing tree work at a competitive price without jeopardising quality or safety



Firewood, woodchip and biomass fuel

We can also supply firewood, woodchip and biomass fuel.
Please call for details.


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Treeshape - professional tree surgeons