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Stump Grinder

Treeshape - professional tree surgeons

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Carlton SP7015 TRX Variable Tracked Stump Grinder

The SP7015 TRX is the most powerful and versatile self-propelled portable grinder made; combining the convenience of a narrow 35" backyard machine with the high horsepower of a tow-behind unit to create an extremely productive stump cutter.

Stump grinder

The Carlton SP7015, 60 horsepower tracked machine which gives only 3.2 psi/sq inch ground pressure.

A powerful and versatile self-propelled grinder which is operated by wireless remote control.

The tracks hydraulically retract from 48" to 35" so we can manoeuvre through narrow spaces.

Our ASV Positrack RC-100 with stump grinder attachment provides quick removal of large stumps or a large number of stumps.

Being rubber tracked it allows access to most sites on virtually all ground conditions and is compact in size with great manoeuvrability.

Exerting only 3.5 psi ground pressure it can crawl over the most fragile ground with minimal  surface disturbance.

Stump grinder

Click here to see a video of the stump grinder in action


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Treeshape - professional tree surgeons